Furry Friends


I'm Pumpkin

Spring Hill!!! What can we say but we would be LOST without our family here! With several close calls with our weenie dog, Pumpkin, Spring Hill is ALWAYS here for us. Even going so far to call with updates on a sick weenie in ICU :(


Our 2nd dog, Chester. loves going to the VET. He gets spoiled rotten for the whole day!! We love you all very much!! ~The Pool family~


1Hi, I'm Foxy!

I spent lots of time at Spring Hill when I was a puppy...I was a pretty sick girl when my mom brought me home from the pound a couple of years ago. I had a pretty yucky case of distemper, but my doctors and parents wouldn't give up on me. For a few weeks, I was in and out of doggy ICU because I needed so much help to get better. I felt pretty awful, but everyone at SHAH took such great care of me and even let my humans come visit me before and after work. I had a special blanket, tons of attention and lots of love that made me feel like everyone really wanted me to pull through. When I started getting better and was able to come home, I started "doggy day care" while my parents were at work on weekdays, since I was still on so many medicines. My friends at the clinic spent a lot of time with me and would even take me out to play when I started to feel up to it. I'm all better now, except for a draggy foot and a few seizures every once in a while, but all the humans work together to make sure I get all the right medicines to keep everything in check. Luckily for me, this means I still get to spend plenty of time around my friends at one of my favorite places, Spring Hill Animal Hospital!

1Hey, I'm Matilda!

Before I had my real home, Spring Hill was where I lived after the Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston found me. I was a tiny, skinny, mangy mess, but had a great time shredding anything that my buddies put in my kennel with me. Dr. Schwartz even helped me to find my owners that love me tons and let me shred lots and lots of dog toys (along with the occasional book or flip flop...). After "the incident" with my eye (who needs two anyways?), they fixed me all up and even stitched up a little stuffed animal Lab to look just like me. Oh, yeah...about that. When my fur finally all grew in, it turned out that I looked a lot more like a Yellow Lab than a Golden Retriever. No big deal, everyone still loves me. I can tell, because whenever I go to SHAH to visit everyone wants to talk to me and pet me and give me snacks. Spring Hill makes me one happy girl.

1Maggie Baker

Dr. Schwartz, Dr. Kotinek and all the folks at Spring Hill Animal Hospital are the best! They treat me like the "Princess" that I am, and always have a special treat waiting for me. I love coming here, and it's the only place my Daddy trusts to let me spend the night when he goes out of town.

Thanks for being part of my family!

Licks and love,

Maggie Baker

11Stella Matthiesen

Stella doesn't look very happy about her *new* sweater, but we wanted to honor her for being such a good friend to Spring Hill Animal Hospital. Stella stepped up and helped out another friend of SHAH to donate lifesaving blood.

The staff always look forward to Stella's visits to Spring Hill.
Thanks Stella, for being a HERO!

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